Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Should Winky Wright be fighting "The Contender"?

Winky Wright is scheduled to face Grady Brewer within the next few weeks. What does this fight do for him? Nothing. He just came off a lopsided loss to Paul "The Punisher" Williams. Williams will make anyone look bad in a fight, even if they win, although nobody has able to do that yet. But with that being said, I think Wright is on the downside of his career, but he could still fight some of the guys up there. Hell, put him against Pavlik, he was ducking Williams, let him face Wright then. But Grady Brewer? Come on. The guy's most notable win was on the Contender against Stevie Forbes. If Wright beats Brewer, where does that put him? Nowhere. If he loses, he takes another step down the ladder. Like I said, in my opinion, he should have been matched up with Pavlik. It kills two birds with one stone and it makes for a much more interesting fight that Pavlik-Espino and Wright Brewer.

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