Friday, November 20, 2009

Hopkins vs. Haye in the future?

Rumor has that if Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins gets passed Enrique Ornelas and Roy Jones Jr., he is willing to step up two weight classes and challenge David Haye for his new heavyweight title. Roy Jones Jr. was the only man to win a middleweight and a heavyweight title in the history of boxing. Is Hopkins biting off more then he can chew though at 45 years old? Yes, but if anyone is able to do it, it would be the 45 year old Bernard Hopkins. The guy amazes me every time he fights because he is so clever. But it could be tainting his legacy because it could be his first knockout loss. However, this guy is such a physical specimen that maybe he'll actually look good, although on paper, it's less than likely to happen. Plus I think Haye is the best choice right now having been at cruiserweight for so long. At least Hopkins wouldn't be challenging the Klitscho brothers. Than that would be even more outrageous.


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