Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maskaev, we don't need you to fight the Klitschos

Former heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev plans on making another heavyweight title run, and who's the boss at the end of this road? You guessed it, the Klitschos.

Maskaev is 40 years old and shouldn't be going for another run. He was mismanaged early in his career suffering his first loss in his seventh pro fight against the veteran Oliver McCall and has lost five more times in his career all by knockout. The biggest name he's beaten was against Hasim Rahmam and he had beaten him twice by KO. But Rahman isn't a huge name.

However, after seeing the reign of the Klitschos brothers, he's going to be another stepping stone to either Vitali or Wladamir. It'll be another knockout loss on his record and another beating he shouldn't have to take.

Hang 'em up Oleg.



  1. He's remembering beating one of the brothers as an amateur, but the result would be much different this time. I see him only taking a vicious beating from either one. Their reach advantage would be huge and he is not exactly light on his feet.

  2. And he doesn't have the greatest chin either. It's just another waste of a fight in the heavyweight division.

  3. hes fighting nagy aguilera on December 11th.
    I actually expect aguilera to win even though he has less experience, so you shouldn't have to worry about maskaev fighting klitshkos anytime soon

  4. We'll see, Aguilera hasn't really fought anyone really competitive to say the least, the last guy he fought was 2-1. Although Maskaev can't hang with the best, I think he'll get by Aguilera, I just don't want him to try and go any farther.