Thursday, November 12, 2009

Evangelista speaks!

Just caught up on an article on Boxing Scene that was able to get Evangelista Cotto's prediction for the fight this weekend between his nephew and Manny Pacquiao. According to the article, he feels that his nephew will stop Pacquiao under 8 rounds based on the fact that he is too strong for Manny and he is a smart fighter.

Evangelista was last heard for throwing a cinderblock threw Miguel's new Jaguar after they had a falling out. Apparently Miguel wanted to break camp to train in Tampa, Florida before the Clottey fight but Evangelista wanted nothing of it. Words were exchanged and then blows.

We haven't heard about Evangelista since that last incident besides knowing that he was pressing charges against his nephew. But it is nice to hear his prediction although it may sound biased because it is his nephew and he did train him for many years. He could have said that Cotto will lose because Evangelista is no longer his trainer. But Evangelista was sincere in this interview even paying respect to Cotto's new trainer Joe Santiago and defending him against Freddie Roach's claims of Santiago being inexperienced.

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