Monday, November 9, 2009

Pavlik to fight the Contender's Miguel Espino...DISGRACE

I just got word that Youngstown, Ohio's own Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik is set to fight Miguel Espino of the Contender reality series. Pavlik was set to face Paul "The Punisher" Williams a number of times at the middleweight limit, however, the fight was constantly postponed due to injuries from Pavlik. The latest injury was from a staph infection Pavlik had suffered from.

Apparently, Kelly is ready to go now and it's not against the opponent he's supposed to be fighting. Is Kelly ducking Paul Williams? I think so. I wouldn't blame him seeing as Paul Williams is probably one of the most avoided boxers in boxing.

Alright so you don't want to fight someone? Sure you're gonna get smack for it but instead of fighting a big name you're going to fight a guy who fought opponents with a collective record 69-48-4 in his past three fights. He hasn't fought any major opposition and he doesn't present any major threats to Pavlik either. Pavlik should rush through Espino, but if he doesn't whose going to want to see him fight against "The Punisher".

I feel if you're going to fight someone and you've been training to fight them even after the date is postponed several times because of YOUR injuries, wouldn't you still want to fight them? You've been training for a big boxer for a while now and now you're going to fight a guy that gives up four inches to you and is more of banger than a boxer? PLUS you're going to cut your payday? Talk about being insecure.

I have been very upset with Pavlik and his trainer Jack Loew since the Hopkins fight. The pre-fight hype they gave to that fight was a combination of arrogance and ignorance. Neither Pavlik nor Loew were cocky during the times Pavlik captured and defended the Middleweight Title against Jermain Taylor back in 2007. Now all of a sudden, they're were going to be the first to knockout a legend of the sport, Bernard Hopkins. They were talking about how they were going to fight dirty and you even see Pavlik try to roughhouse in the fight by "trying" to hit Bernard with a couple of low blows. In my opinion, the fight went ot exactly as I thought with Hopkins dissecting Pavlik and I really feel Pavlik needed that in his career. But now will all of the ons and offs of his fights, I have to say, Kelly Pavlik is not in my stable of fighters that I NEED to see fight anymore. Sure he was exciting to watch and he had a Cinderella-esque story, but he ruined his reputation for me and if he's going to be fighting guys like Miguel Espino, he's not getting my dollar. This is a disgrace. Fight "The Punisher".


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