Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diaz-Malignaggi finally set straight

Juan "The Baby Bull" Diaz will face Paulie "The Magic Man" Malignaggi on equal terms in Chicago, Illinois at the UIC Pavilion on December 12, 2009. After the robbery that took place in Houston, Texas, Juan's hometown, I think it's only fair for there to be a rematch. In my opinion the fight should take place at Madison Square Garden, it'd only be fair. The first fight was an absolute disgrace to boxing. Paulie had called it before hand that he wasn't going to win in a hometown decision for Diaz. He had everything against him: 138lb catch weight, 18ft ring, and the hometown venue for Diaz. Even the judges were from Texas! It's absolutely ridiculous how man aspects of that fight were set against Paulie and he still won the fight in my opinion. Hell if you didn't think he won watch the fight again. Judge Gale Van Hoy had a huge wide margin for Juan DIaz and in reality it was much closer than he scored it and in fact, Paulie won! His excuse was that even though Paulie outlanded Juan clearly with his jab, he says that jabs aren't really a big part of scoring because they're not power punches. Since do jabs not count! What did you think, Paulie was going to out slug him? Of course not, Paulie was going to have to outbox him. But to say that the amount of jabs landed doesn't affect your judging on a is absolutely absurd and shows how inexperienced you are and that you shouldn't be a judge in the sport of boxing or anything for that matter.

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