Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Should Cotto fight Margarito?

That's the question. What do you guys think? Let me give you my opinion.

If you don't remember, Miguel Cotto took a severe beating from Antonio Margarito who was said to have used plaster of Paris in his gloves the night of the fight. That is the assumption. No one has ever seen Cott's face that beaten up and bloodied after a fight...until the Pacquao fight that is.

Margarito's suspension is about to be lifted and he is looking for the big fights, he's targeting Cotto.

I have two opinions...

1. Margarito should not get a rematch and should not even be allowed to box in any country for that matter. He was caught trying to use loaded gloves which leads us to the accusations of him using them previously. It's a form of man slaughter. He could have ended his opponent's lives, all for a win and money. Those two things aren't worth a person's life. So if you ask me I'd say no, as Cotto said, Margarito will not make another penny off of his name.

2. The opinion I have is that if you asked me before the Pacquiao fight I would say yes, Cotto should fight Margarito to avenge his loss. Putting my first opinion aside, I say this based on the fact that Cotto obviously believes that Margarito had something in his gloves when they fought last July. With that being the case, his confidence has grown, he sees there is a reason for why the fight went the way it did. And before the Pacquiao fight he probably thought he would never be in that situation again because that could only happen with loaded gloves. However, that's not the case as we saw on Saturday night against Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao delivered a vicious beating to the Puerto Rican that night and Cotto's face very much resembled his face when he fought Margarito. So after seeing this, I don't think Cotto would be prepared mentally after the Pacquiao fight to take on Margarito. He's tasted defeat twice, and the two times he did it was of similar beatings.

So those are my opinions. Nothing would make me happier though than to see Cotto break Margarito's jaw for the illegal hand wraps he probably used against him and others as well. In my opinion, I think he started using them for the Golden Johnson fight and on. After the Williams loss, Margarito had to come back big and what better way than a blitzkrieg of a knockout.

So the best thing I think Cotto should do is take some time off and get a new trainer.



  1. As much as I would love to see Margarito get a beating in the ring for what he did, and who really knows how many times, I just think if boxing is to maintain any kind of credibility, there is no way this crook should ever get into a ring again. The only way to discourage this kind of thing is to punish extremely severely whenever it is found.

    As for how Cotto would do in such a fight, I suspect he would need at least a couple good wins to distance himself from both these beatings. Even a slight hesitation, if he thinks about it happening again, could be disastrous.

  2. Well like I said, I was looking at it from a legal standpoint and a fan's standpoint. I definitely don't think he should be allowed to fight again. But...like you said, he'd definitely need a few good big wins under his belt before he starts gaining any sort of confidence back. I mean before he was at least able to say this guy's got plaster of paris, now this was a normal guy moving up in weight. Or maybe he's not so normal, maybe Cotto good use the edge that he lost to one of the greatest fighters of all time? But as much as I like him, I can't keep making excuses for his losses. The Margarito fight is one thing, but the Pacquiao fight just proves that he needs to change something in his camp. That being said, he needs time off and needs to build himself up mentally.