Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Miguel Cotto looking to make comeback in June

You heard it right. Cotto's looking to come back in June to fight most likely and Madison Square Garden around the time of the Puerto Rican Day parade. There were even some talks about Yankee Stadium but it's looking like it's going to be at MSG which is still fine too, Cotto's backyard.

Now the question is who does he fight after just losing the way he did to Manny Pacquiao? Well first off, we should get him with a new trainer. My number one pick would be Nacho Beristain but I also wouldn't mind if he went with Buddy Mcgirt or Ronnie Shields.

Now for an opponent. I think the best choice for him would be Luis Collazo. Collazo is a very good fighter who's been in there with top level competition including Andre Berto, Shane Mosley, and Ricky Hatton. He isn't a strong puncher which would be good for Cotto so he could build up his confidence and he is also a "name" if you will. Having a win against Collazo on your resume is very good because 2 out of the 4 losses were controversial. So he is a very good fighter and he gave Andre Berto a really tough time and in my opinion I thought Collazo beat Berto. But like I said, I think Collazo would be a good, but safe opponent for Cotto at this time in his career. He should have a few fights against fighters like Collazo before he takes a super fight again.

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  1. I think the combo of the NYC scene, the PR parade hype, and a safe but competitive opponent would be just the right idea for Cotto now. June would give the cuts time to heal as much as they are going to, and the mind to let go of the beating. Any new trainer would be welcome, but will only matter if he is in charge, not Cotto. The fighter does not always see what happens in the ring with the same clarity as an experienced boxing mind watching from outside the ring. There are some fundamental fixes he should be willing to listen to. I still think he would be one of the top handful in the division and would be worth watching. If they want Collazo, they should sign it now, just in case a miracle happens and Berto's stock goes sky high soon (making Collazo's tough fight with him a feather in his cap too).