Sunday, November 22, 2009

Andre Ward decisions Mikkel Kessler

The VLOG episode will be up later but just updating everyone that Andre Ward defeated Mikkel Kessler by technical decision in Oakland, California last night. Kessler was the favorite in the tournament but things might change now after Ward's performance.



  1. To Ward's credit he seemed to beat Kessler to the punch coming out of most clinches, maybe he saw an opportunity on tape of Kessler taking a bit too much time resetting? The repeated head butts take something away from the effort, though. He needs to work on getting inside without leading with his head. Refs will be on the watch for that now, and it could cost him early in a fight, instead of waiting several rounds, and likely several free butts, before they penalize him.

  2. Kessler just never got off, he didn't throw combinations nor did he use his jab enough. He also let Ward get off first every time. I agree with the head thing though, the referee's going to have to keep an eye out on that especially since it was such a factor in this fight too.