Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Floyd finally loses!

Only this is outside the boxing ring! In a article delivered by the Sweet Science, Floyd Mayweather battles with emcee R.A. Rugged Man. He put Mayweather in his place every time.

Mayweather, known for his perfect record and pound for pound status, flaunts everything that he has accomplished. Even wins over the likes of Carlos Baldomir, as R.A. puts it:

"Oh man, Baldomir with eleven losses? How about this: why didn’t you fight Margarito when you were offered eight million dollars?”

And the guy who compared himself favorably to Sugar Ray Robinson begins hemming and hawing, arguing with a man he doesn’t know in an attempt to justify himself. He begins lying."

The argument went back and forth with R.A. stating very valid points and countering everything Mayweather has to say. With that being said, I don't understand how you compare yourself to one of the greatest if not the greatest fight Sugar Ray Robinson when the man is known for fighting anyone, anywhere. It didn't matter if it was Joe Schmo, if someone called out the champ and said he could beat him, Sugar Ray would laces up his gloves and take it to him in the ring. Floyd doesn't do that and the Margarito fight is a classic example.

Although I'm not a Margarito fan anymore, at the time I did want to see him fight Mayweather. Floyd turns down 8 Million Dollars to fight who, Baldomir...? The big pay day Floyd got was when he fought Oscar De La Hoya and he's not realizing that he was teaming up with the biggest cash cow in the business when he got that pay day. So why did he pass up on the fight with Margarito? 8 Million dollars is a lot of money, even for "Money May".

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Floyd should put up. He is an incredibly talented fighter and I think he can beat pretty much anyone out there especially with his demolition of Juan Manuel Marquez in his comeback fight, however, anything can happen in a fight and people want to see what will happen. It's nice to see someone outside of the boxing community bring up these points and if they're speaking up obviously Floyd should take a look and think about fighting the Mosleys, the Cottos, the Pacquiaos.

R.A. Rugged Man 1 Floyd Mayweather 0

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