Monday, November 23, 2009

Andre Berto, shut up!

I'm sick and tired of hearing Andre Berto talk so much about his upcoming bout against "Sugar" Shane Mosley in January. The guy was never a big talker, now he makes it to the big time and he has stuff to say about Shane. Berto looked horrible in his performance against Luis Collazo almost a year ago and I actually thought he lost that fight. I thought Collazo got robbed. But he's bringing Shane's steroid allegations into the mix and yes it was Shane's wrongdoing but the past is the past. I'm pretty sure Berto went on to say he's going to beat Shane, steroids or not. Pretty classless thing to say from an up and coming rising star looking to make a fan base.

Meanwhile, if you look at Shane's last performance, he demolished Antonio Margarito which was a very impressive win after Margarito had just beaten and stopped Cotto although he probably had loaded gloves in that fight. So who has the more impressive resume? I mean Berto beat Steve Forbes, Luis Collazo, and Juan Urango in his last three fights and besides the Miguel Cotto loss, Shane stopped and KOed Fernando Vargas at 154, struck out Luis Collazo at Welterweight, KOed Ricardo Mayorga without a second to spare, and destroyed the iron chin of Antonio Margarito. You tell me.

Andre, you better back up all the talk because as far as I'm concerned, the only one in boxing who can really talk and back it up is Floyd Mayweather Jr. and let me tell you, you're no Floyd.


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