Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'll put my foot in my mouth...

Disappointing night for me and my fellow Puerto Rican fans out there as Manny Pacquiao dominated Miguel Cotto to a 12th round stoppage. He has won world titles in seven different weight classes and is the first fighter to have ever accomplished such a feat. I was completely surprised especially at how the fight really unfolded. Cotto started off the fight well with his jab and won the first round, but once Pacquiao got going there was no stopping him. He threw one combination after another and Cotto couldn't react to the blinding speed. After being knocked down twice and taking a beating, it was surprising to see Miguel going into the 12th round. Seeing there was no reason to let the fight continue, referee Kenny Bayless stepped in and stopped the fight after Cotto ate a few more punches. Pacquiao was relentless and really put on the best performance of his career in my opinion. I'll talk more about it tomorrow in the VLOG post as well as my thoughts for next week's upcoming bout in the Super Six Tournament between Mikkel Kessler and Andre Ward.

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  1. Remember, Ant, speed kills. Manny was much larger for this one than for Oscar (only a couple pounds, but much more solid) and it helped him carry the power this time. Cotto has nothing to be ashamed of, just lost to a better fighter. Funny, your comments about Kessler-Ward, just what I was thinking myself, tall, straight punches and been through it with Calzaghe, definitely an advantage. Also, first name that came to my mind when you talked about who Cotto might meet next, if he continues (which I believe he will), Berto. Nice site, keep up the good work.