Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little rough...

Hey guys it's been a few days since I last posted because it's been a pretty hectic week for me but tonight there will be a special edition VLOG Episode on YouTube where I'll talk about the the Jones and Hopkins fights that just passed as well as give my prediction on this weekends upcoming bout between Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez.



  1. Did you see what I did from "The Executioner"? Seems he looked just a bit slower of hand than usual. Inside trades seemed almost even up, and that is where he usually has the edge. Also, a few spots he seemed to "see" an opportunity and the punch looked so wild because it was a tad bit late. Still pretty impressive for a guy his age, but I think the age is showing. He always works hard and comes to the fight in terrific condition, but the reflexes might be starting to go.

  2. Ok, I was wrong about Salita. Khan seemed to jump on him before Salita was ready to fight and it was over in no time. Very impressive.

  3. nadie puede ganarle a cotto pol coto es el mejor